Our Culture

Our People and Culture
For the Pillai Group, our people are our most important asset. Our people's skills and expertise are what we sell. We are fortunate to have as colleagues well educated, highly skilled and vastly experienced professionals working with harmony & unity. To meet the increasing business demands of globalization, we recruit our professionals from around the world. But regardless of their country of origin, all Pillai group employees share an unwavering commitment to getting the job done. Our customers keep on coming again and again for more because of our workmen's proven abilities to solve business problems by developing cutting edge technical solutions.

Our Culture
Here at Pillai Group, these core values are the building blocks of our culture — these shared attitudes, beliefs and actions unify our diverse global employee base.

Superior Execution
We strive for superior execution — in everything that we do. We listen to our clients' needs, and respond with passion, using the highest quality processes and domain expertise to deliver client projects with speed and agility.

Clients trust us with their most business-critical projects because Pillai Group assumes personal responsibility for achieving client goals and for ensuring positive relationships with our clients, with our partners and with each other. These values help define who we are. They serve as a guide for continued growth and professional excellence. They help us maintain enduring relationships with our clients, our employees, and our business partners. Our phenomenal growth and business diversification and expansion were possible only due to the patronization and reaffirmation of our clients with trust, on large numbers.